Song Writing Resource


Musica Viva In Schools partnered with long-time friend and supporter, Katie Noonan to provide an education resource that can be used in classrooms for her project: Love-Song-Circus.

This free downloadable student resource is suitable for secondary students.

The resource will guide students through the music making process of an internationally acclaimed artist. The hands-on activities and content rich information allows the students to understand the songwriting process and how music can be constructed from stories.
The resources are suitable for years 7 - 12 and cover:
• Music
• History (in particular Women’s History)
• Social Studies

In 2014, Katie toured this spellbinding work across Australia. The performance was inspired by the letters and stories of the first Australian female convicts and is a powerful ode of strength and endurance, giving students a unique insight into colonial Australia. The seeds of this project were sown a couple of years ago when Katie read of an exhibition at the National Museum called Love Tokens.

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