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Re: Introducing Sue Lane

Dear Sue,
I have just had a quick glance at my newly acquired MusicaViva modules, but because I work in a special school for the severely disabled (high autism, etc.) and many of my students are non-verbal and suffer co-ordination difficulties, it appears that I am able to use, with modifications, only small sections of the work. I will be looking at the modules more closely over the next couple of days, to find more that I might be able to use.
I have been only able to download one module - the first one with nursery rhymes ( I do like the BaaBaa Black Sheep ideas). Perhaps I am not accessing/manipulating the correct technical procedures to be able to download the other module ?

Anyway, I have had a lovely chat with John H., who suggested that I access this help & support network .... so here I am, "touching base" with you ( all very at the bottom, I am afraid!). However, in spite of my 'birthing pains' it is exciting to have a support network.

Posted on April 30, 2014 at 1:16 PM