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I Turn on the Tap

Hi guys,

How do you teach students a song without displaying the words?
The whole song technique develops observation and memory.
“If parts are forgotten, or there are mistakes, that is all part of the process. Some activities may need to be repeated for practice but not until the point of perfection.”

You may wish to use this technique from the resource to teach I Turn on the Tap?

- Play the whole song through while the students walk to the beat, move, patsch or use other body percussion.

- Have students walk to the beat, move, patsch or use other body percussion.

- Using hands in the air, or elastic to connect the students in a circle, have the students shape the pitch contour as the melody rises and falls. Prepare by asking “What do you notice?” and discuss responses after activity.

- Repeat the pitch shaping activity and have the students hum along or vocalise using a syllable such as ‘doo’ (some fun may be had deciding on various syllables!).

- Introduce the words cumulatively, adding a new word or phrase each time through until the students are singing the entire song.

- Sing only the word or phrase you (or the students) nominate, and sing the rest of the song “in your head”.

- Use echo and word rhythm clapping to solidify words with and without the audio.


Posted on April 07, 2014 at 11:27 AM

Sing a Song of Sixpence... A coded message!

Hello Educators,

Did you know...
Sing a Song of Sixpence originated as a coded message to recruit crew members for pirate ships.

Read about it here:

Happy teaching!

Posted on March 10, 2014 at 1:34 PM

Re: Introducing Aaron Trew

Thanks for the introduction Sue! Happy to be on board as a Distinguished Educator.

Hi all, I'm looking forward to helping you get the most out of The Song Company material. Feel free to post any questions and I'll do my best to respond promptly.

Don't forget to tune into the digital seminar at 4pm today! If you miss it or wish to revisit the material, view Live Performance Plus - The Song Company, Chapter 6 – Digital Seminar.

All the best,

Posted on March 03, 2014 at 1:00 PM