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Nature Sounds: Recording students using Garage band


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We have The Rhythm Works coming to our school at the end of August and the students are really enjoying the accessibility of the resources and songs.

I started our Musica Viva journey for the year with the song 'Nature Sounds' and explored the instruments, rhythms using body percussion and lyrics/singing in the first lesson. These were all ideas in the Resource pack. Each class then made a recording of themselves (using a Snowball USB microphone, Garage Band and a Macbook Air) doing what the lesson has explored, along with the recording supplied in the Resource Pack.

I have a school music wiki that I post all sorts of things to... in this case I have a page for the Musica Viva visit and post links to relevant ideas and resources. I also post what we've done in class including recordings like the one explained here.

What did we do exactly?!
We did each section as separate tracks and then finally played them all together to end up with a recording that was 'thick' and interesting. If we had tried to have three groups doing different elements and recorded it all in one go it would have required many 'takes' and we simply don't have that much time in music lessons! By being able to rehearse each section and then record immediately it reduced the stress considerably as I could concentrate on keeping one group together, rather than three separate groups! This empowered the children enormously and apart from having to re-record a few times for coughing, PA announcements and the like it went really smoothly!

I have put one of the Year 2 classes effort here for you to listen to smiling.

The tools and a basic understanding of Garage Band and how to record audio into it is needed to do something like this, but to help you out there are many excellent youtube tutorials online, and online PD from people like Katie wardrobe too!

You could also simply use the Voice Memo app on an iPad/iPhone (or similar on other tablets) to record the audio - in this case better results would be achieved with a simple task where not too many things are happening at once so you don't have to try to conduct them all!

**We also did something similar for the second song, 'Boom Boom Beat', however instead of one recording per class I did it in 2 year groupings (e.g. all Year 1 and 2 classes made a collaborative recording) where each class in that section of the school did a track each. This cut down on the time needed to do it!

Posted on August 11, 2015 at 9:01 AM
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Re: Nature Sounds: Recording students using Garage band

Hi Bree,
Some fabulous ideas here!
Great material for recording student compositions. I have used Garage band for creating rap sequences with students, recording their rap compositions related to particular themes that they might be working on in other learning areas.

Perhaps you could create new verses for Nature Sounds related to different aspects of the environment and record them in this way.

Keep these great ideas coming in!

Posted on August 13, 2015 at 1:31 PM