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iPercussion concerts


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I’m sure you and your students will be looking forward to having The Rhythm Works come to your school soon. I hope you’ve had a chance to work through some of the activities with your students but don’t worry if you haven’t, the group will tailor the performance based on the information you give them.

Don’t forget to fill in your pre-visit sheet for the group. It’s really helpful for them to have information about your school such as where to park, if the performance is in a hall or classroom, directions to the performance venue etc. They do have a lot of equipment and I’m sure they would appreciate knowing where the nearest vehicle access is located. They will also need access to power for the performance.

You can also let them know what preparation you’ve done with your students and if you’d like to show them something you’ve been working on, for example you might have made some rainsticks with your students to play during Liffey Falls.

It would be really appreciated if students were seated ready to go at the starting time, it’s really important for the group to keep to time as they often need to travel between performances.

Most importantly, enjoy the concert!

Happy teaching!

P.S. If you have time to post how the concert went and any responses from your students and staff I’d love to hear about it….

Posted on June 20, 2014 at 4:21 PM
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