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After the concert...


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Well, our students LOVED our Rhythm Works concerts on Monday.

The concerts were so interactive, accessible and full of energy - thank you to The Rhythm Works for being so much fun!

The week after a concert I spend the next lesson in reflection mode. We talk about our memories from the concert and from all the lessons leading up to it, do a P.M.I. (plus, minus, interesting) chart and then a personal reflection.

Year 1 and 2 - we do the PMI on the board and then a drawing
Year 3 - we do the PMI in groups of three and then a drawing
Year 4 to 6 - we do the PMI in groups of three and then a written reflection sheet.

This year for something different I have had the year 3 to 6 students use the app 'Explain Everything' alongside their PMI. They have completed the PMI as a group on paper, each circled one of their own points to talk about, added a photo of the PMI in the Explain Everything app and then recorded themselves talking about their point (this all happens inside the app so you end up with a still image of the PMI with the students' voices over the top).

The students have loved the iPad use, been quite intuitive with the app PLUS I have recorded reflections for assessment... and to show on our upcoming Parent Open Night. Win-win!!!

It's been a great term and we will continue for the rest of this term with the wonderful resources for the group - the extensions and general activities we didn't have time for before the concert.

I've attached the documents I use for reflections in case anyone wants to make use of them... time savers are the key I find tongue out.

Posted on September 4, 2015 at 1:37 AM
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