Digital Seminar Monday 10th March

March 6, 2014 at 10:43 AM

Hi everyone,
Looking forward to the Digital Seminar with Mara and Llew Kiek from the ensemble Mara!, next Monday afternoon 10th March. Go to Step 6 for the seminar which is scheduled for 4pm until approx 5.15pm. Its great if you have some colleagues to view the seminar with you so that you can join in with the singing and activities. The Digital Seminar is recorded and stored at Step 6 for you to revisit as many times as you wish.
You might also want to use twitter, #tweetching, send an email or phone us to ask questions at the seminar.

Margie Moore is looking forward to mentoring as well. She's very happy to support you with your teaching, helping you to present amazing experiences for your students using the music of Mara!.

Sue Lane

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Re: Digital Seminar Monday 10th March

March 10, 2014 at 3:51 PM
Dear Mara! teachers

I am so looking forward to the seminar about to start and to hearing if you have any questions or comments to make as it goes along. Please feel free to send me any queries you night have as we are in this together!

Best wishes

Margie (Moore)

Re: Digital Seminar Monday 10th March

March 10, 2014 at 4:13 PM
Hi all, slight technical issues forced the first video stream offline.
Please refresh your browser window to view the new video stream.
Apologies.. We'll be sure to double up on the new video, so nothing is missed.

Re: Digital Seminar Monday 10th March

March 24, 2014 at 6:32 PM
Dear Colleagues

Thanks so much for attending the seminar today. It was a pity about the false start but it was imprint to get it right! Don't forget you can can go back and listen again if you missed anything - I had to play catch up myself!

A few little tips to using the resource...

Don' forget that on pages 27-35 you can find the words of each song - both in the language they will be sung and the translation…and the notation for each.

Also on pages 37-41 you can find the instruments explained and pictures of each of them…

Of course both of these can be found on the digital resource as well with excellent demos of them playing the instruments adn demonstrating how to say the words..

Someone asked about teaching improvisation - as this is a strong part of Mara's performance…if anyone has any ideas please share them. I find one of the best ways is to give the students a limited pallet or vocabulary to work with…so if you want them to improvise a melody give them 3 or 5 notes to choose from and a limited length say 4- 8 bars. You need to give them lots of ideas and role models before you actually ask them to have a go themselves as well.

I can post more about this if it is helpful!

Anyway - as you can see from the seminar both Mara and Llew are wonderful, fun, extremely musical performers, and will communicate well with your students and make sure everyone has a fabulous time at their concerts. You are very lucky to have such an experienced group to perform for you. Make sure you let them know what you have done with your students before they arrive through the pre-visit sheets so they can tailor their show to fit your kids. Enjoy!

Warmest wishes


a few questions answered!

March 24, 2014 at 6:34 PM
After the seminar I asked Mara and Llew some questions - here are the answers….

Kele Meryem

Is there any difference major between the words Hele and Kele – in the translation – it has 'Hey mary' for both – just wondering if there is any difference?

Hele and Kele essentially mean the same thing “Hey” “Hi there” “Eh” etc.

Is the long necked lute that Llew was playing the same as a Baglama?

The baglama is one of a family of long-necked lutes, the ‘saz’ family, however, the names ‘balgama’ and ‘saz’ can be used to describe both the instrument and the family of instruments. The ‘saz’ family instruments are distributed in much the same way as the violin family, according to pitch, except there are up to 10 different sizes in the ‘saz’ family. The ‘baglama’ is the middle sized ‘saz’ and seems to be the one that is most commonly used in modern Turkish folk music.
In the western world we call them all ‘long-necked lutes’ for obvious reasons (long neck/lute shaped body, western lutes being based on the large bodied Middle Eastern lute, the ‘oud’ or ‘ud’).

one more question..

On p. 7 of the kit - in order to get the patterns right – should they play the verse of Kele Meryem twice and the chorus once?

Yes, the instrumental melody is slightly different to the verse melody, but they are essentially interchangeable. If the kids are performing it instrumentally, they should play the vocal melody twice and then play the chorus.

Youtube link

The link to youtube that outlines more of Mara!’s music is ‘llewster’ -

Definitely worth a look - there is some great performances from a variety of groups Mara performs in.