Preparing for your Ensemble visit

April 30, 2014 at 7:34 PM

Greetings all I hope you had an enjoyable Easter break.
It is not long now before we will be engaging in our interative performance by Gypsy Tober.
In our small community of schools we like to make a big thing of the Musica Viva concerts by intergrating the arts.
We decorate the hall with relevant artworks, instruments and other props and resources - I have soft relevant music playing on arrival too. I also encourage staff and students to dress in costume.
The Gypsy Tober resource package and choice of songs has bought these themes to light for us:* Gypsies
* Birds
* Samba
* Kitchen
* Africa
It is time to start getting some arts works ready to decorate the hall and allow students time to prepare a simple costume - feather boas, flowing colourful gypsy dresses n scarves, headresses or feather masks etc.
I have included a picture here of a lovely artwork from the Channon Public School. We will decorate with these and hopefully some black and white Magpie works also.
Please share your suggestions.

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