Kitchen Music

April 2, 2014 at 2:37 PM

The K-6 students at Tuntable Creek are very inspired by the idea of 'Kitchen Music'. We are integrating our lessons for the 'Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden' program, with our Musica Viva, Math and Literacy. They are begining to put ideas together for this years concerts and performance work, based on the idea of Kitchen Music. Yesterday we discussed OSTINATO. Ostinato are repeated rhythms. We used Kitchen equipment to create OSTINATOs. We recorded our sound patterns into a LOOP station. It was enjoyable, acheivable and sounded great. The students have listened to "Cooking with Gas", had a chat about the lyrics and sang along to the track. The next step is for the students to Play their ostinatos with Gypsy Tober accompaniment "Cooking with Gas". They will then complete a written representation of their rhythmical patterns with pictures and basic music notation.
There are some fantastic videos on Youtube related to kitchen music. I have included them in My Interactive White Board presentation. Here are some of the links we have been refering to.

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Miss Jodie

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