Gathering Resources

April 3, 2014 at 10:03 PM

As well as the Interactive Whiteboard Notebook File - I have begun to put together a collection of physical resources, to use in my Gypsy Tober sessions.

A Class set of Clave (Clapping sticks - made from broom handles)
Sets of Remo Circle drums
Whistles including bird whistles
Kitchen equipment
The loop station pedal

Samba Music (The Samba Blisters)
Australian Folk Music (Home among the gum trees, My Island home, Kookaburra)
Bird related recordings (Rainforest relaxation tracks, Xavia Rudd -Follow the Sun)

Props and Costumes
The World Globe
Masks - Feathers - feather boas
Bird costumes

We'd love to know what's in your teaching kit. smiling
Miss Jodie

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