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May 23, 2014 at 2:22 PM

Dunoon PS
It is valuable because it teaches us about different instruments. Harry yr 6
We learnt about aspects of layering vocals. Particularly, parallel harmonies. Max yr 6
I really liked how we sang the songs at school with instruments and then heard them sung without instruments. Gab yr 5
I liked how they turned our ideas into a song. Poppy yr 6
I liked how they involved us. It was good to move and dance, not just sit down. Emily yr 6
I like how they asked what fun things we did and made a song up. Leif y3
I like the songs they sang, particularly the harmonies. Tilly yr 3
I like the rhythm and the beat. It was a bit like Jazz. Noah yr3
I really liked the different tone colours and sounds. Kyle yr3
Musica viva made me think about what I can do with pots and pans at home. Cheron yr 3
I really enjoyed it. It was great to hear the real people sing what we have been practicing. It helps you to learn about rhythms, beat and the ingredients of a song. Seb yr 6
It was nice because it was relaxing. Levi kindy
It’s good to do, (Bam Fazer) because it’s not so loud, but it’s musicy. I liked the songs. Jessi-Jo Kindy
I like the elaborate melodies and different vocal tones. I also loved the amazing musical instruments, particularly the pandeiro, because it was like a drumkit. Music Aviva helps us to learn musical skills and see others talent. Ziggy yr4
I like the pandeiro because it was like a cool drum kit with metal clangy bits. Dressing up in costumes was cool. Felix yr2
I loved listening to their singing and learning the names of instruments. I enjoyed looking at other kids amazing costumes. I think Musica Viva is BomFazer! Gabby yr 4
I loved dressing up, I liked meeting them and hearing them sing with different tones – I didn’t realize they sing all the parts at once. I thought the layers were recorded one at a time. Jay yr 4
Music Aviva is Bom Fazer because you got to join in to the songs. Hanna yr 2
It was fun because you can dress up, sing songs, and hear them, not just the recorded songs and a photo. Lewin yr 2
I hope your students found it as valuable as ours.
Miss Jodie

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