As part of our Live Performance Plus program, Musica Viva provides accredited professional development programs that are designed to support both music specialists and non-specialists. Here at musicstaffroom you can access in-depth video tutorials for each touring group, which demonstrate fun, easy and educational ways to bring the music into your classroom, using the teaching notes, digital resource activities, audio tracks, and student and teacher PDFs provided on the USB.

You can access the videos on musicstaffroom for your own learning, at your own pace, or you can share the learning with other colleagues in the school at staff meetings. 

The Help and Support section of musicstaffroom also provides a space where you can extend your learning by asking questions and sharing classroom ideas with teachers from other schools. 

In addition to our online program, we regularly offer face to face professional development workshops through our Teacher Forums. These sessions aim to build skills and confidence to present music education programs in the classroom. For a schedule of upcoming events, please visit

We hope that our professional development resources further enhance your experience of teaching music! If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us at 

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